About the poet

About the Poet








Michel van der Stel is a University of Leiden educated man.

Born into the era of peace and love and happiness to a sailor who sailed the seven seas and a beautiful woman as their second child.

Orphaned in 2015 he continues to show a strong love for life, nature, his sons three, his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriends, in fact, for everyone and everything livng.

He is a poet foremost, yet his creativity also comes out in paint.

He has been a teacher of English for over 24 years now.

He is a student of Hinduism.

He is a lover.

Michel van der Stel M.A., is the eternal Romantic who sees himself as writing in the Wordsworthian tradition by making the seemingly less important stand out and thereby putting it on the same scales as the more monumental episodes in life. For him, the smaller and the larger events are of equal importance. Michel draws inspiration for his poetry from his immediate surroundings. His relationships with his children, his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriends, his family are explored unashamedly. He is Don Quixote on a quest for his Dulcinea del Toboso. He is a critic of society’s ethics. He is out there in every line, pervasive and serious; and simultaneously tongue-in-cheek. His writing is organic, based on the natural patterns that occur. He is the optimist throughout, even in the darkest hour. His belief in a makeable future keeps him standing up straight and gives even his most miserable hour a comic edge. He has written five books of poetry that show his intimate emotions and thoughts.